Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Bouldering

Crawled out of my hole and headed up to hills Sunday evening to meet up with some friends. First off was a quick session at The Brickyard. Picked up a bunch of cigarette butts and fingertape (dickheads). Met up with my friend Kelsey who quickly hiked Yeti and then moved over to work on Smooth Criminal. I had to leave so I don't know if she sent, but I managed a couple decent photos of her on the initial moves, which was the only part giving her trouble. It's hard to take a bad picture of Smooth Criminal, such a great line on a great piece of stone.

Next, I headed over to The Lizard's Mouth to check out what local strongmen Andy Patterson and Bernd Zeugswetter were up to. When I got there they were up to some shenanigans on the Lord of The Flies boulder, proving that with a little imagination there's always adventure left to be had, even at places like The Mouth. They found an improbable looking nice new line to the left of Lord of the Flies. Both sent it, not sure of a name or a rating, but it's very nice looking, finishing up LOTF at the jug.




  1. This one actually was a Steve Edwards project, though never a serious one because the top was terrifying. I see they ducked out right to finish up LOTF, which seems smart and makes it a reasonable--and probably pretty nice--boulder problem.Those two are doing a pretty good job finding new stuff.

  2. They checked out the direct exit, there's simply no holds up there, but who knows.