Sunday, January 6, 2013

People Suck: Volume 2013

Was up at The Lizard's  Mouth yesterday for a nice session before it started raining again. Banged out the old "easy circuit", which is one of the more pleasant climbing experiences in town I think (although I'm embarrassed to admit that a couple problems on my 'easy' circuit, I could not manage to do). Really reminds me of a Font circuit. Anyways, I was distraught to find that some cocksmoker had done some graffiti removal on a couple boulders. This rendition of 'removal' involved literally chiseling the graffiti off of the boulder. I noticed two instances, first at Brigid O'Shaunessey and also at Double Indemnity (shown below).

Whether this was another gangbang shithead erasing an enemy tag or a well-intentioned nature dude being a complete fucking idiot, I guess we may never know, but it makes me sick nonetheless. People suck.