Monday, April 11, 2011

Shoe Whore

I own 33 pair of shoes.

I am loathe to admit it, since I have been known to viciously berate my girlfriend about her grossly overstocked closet stacked high with [mostly unworn] pumps, flats, high heels, sandals and sneakers.

"They all have a purpose!", she tells me.

'Purpose' often means that there is exactly one outfit, combination, or unworn dress in the closet that the shoe perfectly matches with, and therefore each pair sits there awaiting the prime opportunity for elegant display to the general public.

I never really thought about my own shoe problem until I added yet another sporting activity to my lifestyle and recently bought cross-country ski boots. And I thought to myself, "Kee-rist, how many freaking pair of 'sports footwear' do I have now?" And I started to count them up, which together with far too many pair of 'non-sports' footwear added up to 33. Shocking, I know, particularly for someone who's been known to only wear flip-flops just about everywhere (I have 3 pair of those). Ski boots, snowboard boots, running shoes (3), approach shoes (2), climbing boots (10 - maybe more) , cycling shoes, surf booties, the list goes on.

Admittedly, part of the problem is that I effectively have two residences and I don't like toting all of my shit from one place to the next. So while I normally would only have one approach shoe, I in fact have two, one here in Santa Barbara and another at the cabin in the Sierra. Same with running shoes and flip flops. For a long time my climbing shoes outnumbered all of my other shoes put together because I pretty much wore flip flops or sneakers and the rest of the time I was rock climbing. But really, why do I need so many pairs of rock boots? Given the amount of time I spend climbing these days (much, much less than it used to be), I certainly don't. But I'm not gonna throw them away. I mean, those 1994 La Sportiva Kendos with a nearly fresh resole are just waiting for the right route. And I've gotta have the Five-Ten Ascents (a pair at each residence) for those endurance bouldering sessions and the Newton's for all that Tuolumne granite that I've been meaning to get back on the last few years...

I guess I see what Deb is saying, they all have a purpose and when you need them, they'll be there, ready and waiting.

Just had a thought.
Do snowshoes count? Ummm, 34.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Allez - Southern California's Crag Mag

In mid-1994, Santa Barbara climbers Steve Edwards, Phil Requist, and Binky Greene got together to produce the short lived SoCal climbing rag,
Allez. The focus of Allez was primarily on hard sport-climbing, competitions, training, and [increasingly] by the 4th issue, varying degrees of oddities often having absolutely nothing to do with climbing (at left, the uber-classic "Sharp Stick Instructions' by Belt Potter).

Encompassing summer 1
994 until fall of 1995 for a total of 5 issues, the first four issues were printed and distributed old school, the fifth and final issue was available exclusively online (pretty visionary back in 1995). Unfortunately, that final issue is gone forever, as it was lost off of a hard drive many hard drives ago. Of the printed copies of Allez (vol. 1-4) there are undoubtedly few of them left in existence (I think Phil is the only one with a complete set) so I took the time to scan them all recently and post them up for download. Enjoy.

Trivia Question: What is the significance of the website name "King-Dino". I'll buy a beer for the first one to get the correct answer.